Vedic study facilitates the growth and development of cultural values. It develops will power and results in spiritual peace and divine nature. The soul is rendered pure by study of Vedas. It is a great achievement of Sri Ahobila Math Samskrita Vidya Abhivardhini Sabha, a Registered Body to have fulfilled the ambition of the 43rd Jeer of Sri Ahobila Math in fostering the Veda Adyayana along with the study of Secular subjects. The reputation of the Veda Patasala has spread far and wide and many students have benefited both in Vedic and Secular studies. Strict discipline, hard work and tireless striving are essential to study Vedas in depth. Veda Patasalas inculcate good culture, character and noble virtues in the Vidyartis.

The Sabha has been running a Full Time Veda Patasala offering the seven year Veda Course since 1995. Successful Veda Vidyartis are awarded the title ‘Veda Vibhushan’ by the Rashtriya Veda Vidya Prathishtan, a wing of the Ministry of HRD. A Vidyarti who joins the School in Std. VI undergoes academic education as well as Vedic Education, for a period of seven years (VI to XII). The School contributes a lot for the study of Vedas to thrive and flourish successfully, thereby enhancing our culture and tradition.


Those children who wish to get admission into the Patasala should be residing within a radius of one to one and half kilometres from the institution, enabling them to attend the Veda classes which will be conducted daily in mornings and evenings at Sri Ahobila Math Oriental Higher Secondary School, 116, K.R.Koil Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 33. Children can seek admission in Veda classes when they are admitted in Std. VI.


(Established in 1995 with the blessings of His Holiness Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetathipathi Sri Sankarachariar Swamigal and Run by Sri Ahobila Math Samskrita Vidya Abhivardhini Sabha, West Mambalam)

Strength of Veda Students

SL NO. Year No. of Students
1 2020-21 39
2 2019-20 45
3 2018-19 48
4 2017-18 38
5 2016-17 62
6 2015-16 8
7 2014-15 12
8 2013-14 9
9 2012-13 13
10 2011-12 11
11 2010-11 19
12 2009-10 25
13 2008-09 14
14 2006-07 30
15 2005-06 28
16 2004-05 24
17 2003-04 33
18 2002-03 32
19 001-02 39
20 2000-01 53
21 1999-00 51
22 1998-99 27
23 1997-98 26
25 1996-97 -
26 1995-96 20

Our Veda Students blessed by Acharyas

Our Veda Vidyartis with Donors

Veda Exams conducted by Maharishi Sandipani Veda Vidya Prathishtan, Ujjain

Veda Students with their Gurus